Fucky Film Review!

The Ring

Posted by Web Manager on December 8, 2008

Gore Verbinski 2002

I’m not a big horror fan at all. If I get into the picture, I find that by the end my stomach has been clenched for up to two hours and I don’t feel that it’s healthy. If I don’t get into it, then it’s often a big waste of time because the filmmaking is usually pretty bad. I got into THE RING; it made my skin crawl at times, especially at the end. The production design is beautiful, as are the images we see on the deathly tape. Naomi Watts carries the entire film basically by herself, which is something she is very good at; she also does it in KING KONG, where she acts for long stretches against nothing but a green screen and a computer generated ape. It must take a lot of talent and a super attitude to do what Ms. Watts does, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed here at Fucky Film Review.  Good work.


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