Fucky Film Review!

Good Night

Posted by Web Manager on December 5, 2008

Jake Paltrow 2007

I told a co-worker that I was thinking about dream life and she brought me this feature film I’d never heard of the next day.  I like that — when someone just brings you a film the next day instead of saying how they’re going to bring you the film sometime.  GOOD NIGHT is the kind of indie New York film you don’t hear much about and then you see, and you’re kind of encouraged and discouraged at the same time, by how good it is and how bad it is at the same time.  I kind of couldn’t get over how frumpy Gwenneth Paltrow looked.  I know that’s lame, but I kept thinking, no one but her brother (the director) would make her look so unattractive.  This detail would not have distracted me so much were it not for how little sense it made in the context of the picture.  She’s supposed to be like the great love of the protagonist’s life, but oh, their relationship isn’t going so well so she looks awful now.  The supporting cast is great – Danny DeVito plays a professional snoozer who teaches a class in lucid dreaming at a local community center, and Penelope Cruz plays the woman of the protagonist’s dreams. Cruz is one of my favorite living actresses. This part offers her little to work with, but whenever she gets half a chance (like when she shows up in the protagonist’s real life – or does she? – as a tequila drinking model, shattering his dream version of her as a tuxedo clad super woman speaking in some elf-like language) she lights it up.  The early dream sequences are good, and I liked how he was so scared of and annoyed by the guys murmuring in Italian.


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