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Posted by Web Manager on December 4, 2008

Andrew Stanton 2008

I don’t particularly like animated features, but I’d read a lot of good things about WALL-E. And I felt totally cool sipping a drink at a local bar with a Disney film in my pocket. I kept hoping someone would ask me what I was doing later, so I could just pull it out and say, I’m going to open a bottle of Chardonnay and watch an animated love story about two robots. The movie lived up to all that I’d read. It’s about as good a child’s movie as I can ever remember seeing. And the closing credits are beautiful – it’s worth watching just for them. There’s also a super interesting bonus documentary on the DVD about the important role that sound design played in the film. Ben Burtt did the sound design – he got his start on STAR WARS doing R2D2 and you can hear it all the way through.  The doc also featured a bunch of great old sound machines made for Disney in the 40’s, and discussed the relative merits of original sound design versus recording.


2 Responses to “Wall-E”

  1. Matt said

    Glad you loved the movie, but I’m about sick and tired of animation being referred to as a “child’s movie”. If that’s the case The Dark Knight is a child’s movie too, after all we all know only children read comic books (hey, don’t look at me, that’s how many older people think).

    • kozakfilms said

      Matt! I agree that not all animation is for children. And from what I’ve seen comic books can be VERY ADULT. All true. Here I was referring specifically to this movie which was made by Disney, rated G, and marketed as a movie to bring your kids to.

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