Fucky Film Review!

Prime Cut

Posted by Web Manager on December 2, 2008

Michael Ritchie 1972

I was surprised to see that the director of this film, Michael Ritchie, had his own shelf at the video store. On one hand, this is the man who made FLETCH. On the other hand, this is also the man who made FLETCH LIVES. PRIME CUT is about a Chicago mobster (Lee Marvin) who gets sent down to Kansas City to a whip local bigwig slaughterhouse owner named Mary Ann (played by Gene Hackman) into shape. When he gets there he sees that in addition to skimming off Chicago’s money, Mary Ann has also been doping young farm girls and selling them into slavery.  Kansas is fucked up in this movie. Of course Sissy Spacek has no problem playing a doped up farm girl. The shootouts towards the end of the film are great in that 70’s fatalist everyone is going to die kind of way.


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