Fucky Film Review!

Made in Israel

Posted by Web Manager on November 30, 2008

Ari Folman 2000

dodiFucky Film Review‘s all time favorite Israeli film. Set entirely in the Golan Heights, near Israeli’s northern border with Syria, over a winter weekend in the near future. As part of a peace treaty, Syria hands over a Nazi it has been harboring, rumored to be the last Nazi alive. A local trumpet player who earns his living playing at memorials for fallen soldiers keeps getting screwed by the hit teams chasing the 2 million dollar bounty on the Nazi. I loved the snow and the northern mountains’ howling winds, the beautiful Russian-Israeli actress Jenya Dodina who plays a resigned and loveless Bonnie to her brutal Russian Clyde, the music (the trumpet is dubbed by Avishai Cohen and the film score is by Berry Sakharof), the police chief in charge of protecting the Nazi (played by the great Tzahi Grad), and of course Eddy Zanzura, the trumpeter played by Menashe Noy. But most of all I loved the film’s overall feel, the immediacy of the handheld camera, and the triumph of low-budget filmmaking that the film exemplifies. The film is probably not widely available outside of Israel yet, but it will be soon, following the success of director Ari Folman’s recent smash animated documentary WALTZ WITH BASHIR.


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