Fucky Film Review!

Divine Intervention

Posted by Web Manager on November 27, 2008

Elia Suleiman 2002

If you want to see a good art movie that is Palestinian in the most Palestinian way I can imagine, see this film. The first half of the film or so is a quiet comic introspection on life in an Arab town (might have been Ramallah, but it looked a little too small). Before that, Santa Claus is stabbed on a Jerusalem hilltop. The Palestinians frustrate each other arbitrarily in a way that mimics their treatment at the hands of the Israeli occupiers at the checkpoints. The movie is often silent, and moves along with a very strange and deliberate pacing that has more in common with films from the Far East than those of Europe or Israel. The protagonist (played by the director) lives in Jerusalem and meets his lover at a checkpoint, where they sit for hours in his car without speaking. There’s an absolutely batty musical scene featuring a Palestinian female warrior goddess ninja taking out a handful of Israeli operatives in training. This is not a slick film by a craftsman; it’s an exposition by a talented and funny artist. It’s cultural.  It’s good and good for you.


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