Fucky Film Review!

The Bubble

Posted by Web Manager on November 18, 2008

Eytan Fox 2006

I have a French friend who recently moved to Tel Aviv from New York. She asked me if I’d seen the Israeli film called Bubba. I was like, there’s no Israeli film called Bubba, bubba. After some back and forth I figured out she meant BUBBLE, as in THE BUBBLE, Eytan Fox’s little love note to Tel Aviv. I watched it with a Canadian visitor, her first time here, and it served as a great primer to the town and its ‘tude. The first hour of the movie is funny and original and warm (especially the mock dinner after hours at Orna and Ella, and the Super 8 footage of the Palestinian home being bulldozed in the early 80s in French Hill, Jerusalem), but it derails towards the end where it suffers from the CRASH syndrome, in which everything that happens in the film coincidentally involves everyone who happens to be in the film; an IDF raid in the Palestinian lover’s village the day after a suicide bomb in Tel Aviv, at a cafe where, you guess. Maybe it was supposed to go over because the bubble is so small and they really want it to burst — and the climax does accomplish that, actually, in a strange and kind of cute way, but it would be better if the characters made it to the climax without so much overt motivation.


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