Fucky Film Review!

Atash (Thirst)

Posted by Web Manager on November 17, 2008

Tawfik Abu Wael 2004

An intensely quiet and restrained film about a Palestinian family living off the radar in an abandoned Israeli military bunker outside of an Arab village somewhere in Israel.  I met the director randomly at a bar near my apartment. Afterwards the bartender told me he was a director and so I went and rented his film the next night. Hussein Yassin Mahajne, who had never acted before in his life – I think he was a construction worker – played the lead role, the recalcitrant father, so beautifully.  The film spills off the screen with accomplished cinematography by Asaf Sudri, who also lives in my neighborhood, and a memorable score by Wisam Gribran (I don’t know where he lives or drinks).


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