Fucky Film Review!

Don’t Mess with the Zohan

Posted by Web Manager on November 11, 2008

Dennis Dugan 2008

I woke up hung over and got up around noon.  I went out to get some eggs and stopped by the third ear where I picked up ZOHAN in the new releases.  I had a moment of self-doubt as I left the store, thinking, am i really doing this with my day?  But something in me wanted to laugh.  ZOHAN delivered.  It is at times laugh out loud, which is all you can really ask for in a comedy.  Comedy is hard.  There aren’t that many movies that are both funny and good.  A lot of good movies have a lot of funny moments.  But not necessarily laugh out loud.  Woody Allen made some funny good movies.  THE GRADUATE is very funny.  Wes Anderson’s movies are funny.  Then you’ve got FLETCH, THE BIG LEBOWSKI, ANIMAL HOUSE, solid comedies without any bullshit.  And I guess you might think back on AIRPLANE and its ilk, but those have some really dumb jokes and lulls.  Sandler’s got dumb jokes and lulls and sometimes, usually, just a lot of awful time wasters and obvious plot points (but he’s not all bad on the romantic side – he’s a much better sensitivity to women then, say, Judd Apatow).  But I laughed so hard, much harder than in any of those other movies.  The deep kind of laughter, like when Rip Torn threw a wrench at a dodge ball dork in, that’s right, DODGEBALL (A TRUE UNDERDOG STORY).  That kind of laughter is great sometimes, and I know where I can get it.

This is Zohan in the scene were he tells his parents (in their ridiculously appointed living and dining room – picture CASABLANCA meets the PIANIST) that he wants to quit his job as Israel’s best counter-terrorism agent and move to New York to cut hair.  To his right is a bottle of Fizzy Bubble, his favorite drink.


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