Fucky Film Review!


Posted by Web Manager on November 4, 2008

Michael Mann 2004

Everyone kept telling me COLLATERAL was good.  Why did they do that?  I was fine without having seen it.  I could have lived happily to a rotten age without having seen it, but everyone had to keep talking about it.  Like most of MM’s movies COLLATERAL has mad style; in this respect, he keeps getting better. But COLLATERAL is totally predictable and the acting is uneven at best.  The story is probably dumb and uninteresting because it is told from the perspective of an essentially dumb and uninteresting character – a cabdriver played by Jamie Fox.  Good to watch on a plane after you’ve taken a xanex but can’t sleep because the armrest is digging into your gut and you keep passing awful Zyklon B farts that you feel terribly guilty about but there’s just nothing for it.


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