Fucky Film Review!


Posted by Web Manager on October 23, 2008

Sidney Lumet 1976

Uh, you haven’t seen NETWORK?  No, its not with Melanie Griffith.  You’re confused.  NETWORK is cool.   It’s a little over the top, probably because it was made in the seventies, when even Hollywood films were supposed to be artistic, so there’s like these artistic moments sometimes, that, between me and Mr. Lumet, are unnecessary.  I can say this because I’m on a major Sidney Lumet kick right now, having just read his book “Making Movies.”  And I totally appreciate him.  And there is something artistic about his movies – mainly the acting.  The acting is what defines his films; it is always good.  Apparently this is because they always rehearse a lot before shooting.  He’s really into shooting on schedule and under budget.  Total professional this guy.  Anyhow, NETWORK is good.


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