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* Blue of Noon *

Posted by Web Manager on October 22, 2008

Georges Bataille 1935

“To a greater or lesser extent, everyone depends on stories, on novels, to discover the manifold truth of life.  Only such stories, read sometimes in a trance, have the power to confront a person with his fate.  This is why we must keep passionately striving after what constitutes a story: how should we orient our efforts to renew or rather, to perpetuate the novel? 

Many minds are no doubt preoccupied with various techniques that will compensate for the surfeit of familiar forms.  But what is the point in this – assuming that we wish to find out what a novel might be – unless first of all a ground is ascertained and clearly delineated?  A story that reveals the possibilities of life is not necessarily an appeal; but it does appeal to a moment of fury without which its author would remain blind to these possibilities, which are those of excess.  

. . . How can we linger over books to which their authors have manifestly not been driven?”

 — Georges Bataille, from the preface to the 1957 reprinting of his novel The Blue of Noon 


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