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After Hours

Posted by Web Manager on September 28, 2008

Martin Scorsese 1985

Crazy downtown 80’s nighttime adventures.  The guy just can’t seem to make it home.  Kind of like THE WARRIORS updated for the 80’s, except instead of a gang of kids trying to make it back to Coney Island, its a chewed-up desk jockey (Griffin Dunne) trying to get back uptown.  And it all kicks off because he is reading SEXUS by H. Miller, one of my favorite books ever.  I especially liked the way he reacts to Rosanna Arquette when he gets high.  Rent It!    

P.S. This is the movie poster that accompanied the release in Poland.  Poland has this thing for making awesome original movie posters.


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The Fugitive Kind

Posted by Web Manager on September 28, 2008

Sidney Lumet 1959

Adapted by  Tennessee Williams from one of his own plays.  Brando stars as a snakeskin clad troubadour determined to leave the Big Easy nightlife behind.  But his journey only takes him as far as a town a short drive from New Orleans, to a general store owned by a dying man and run by his sad and passionate wife, played by the great Anna Magnani.

Brando is cool as ever.  The tragic storyline recalls the Italian film “Ossessione,”  by Luchino Visconte, who worked with Magnani all the time. (He actually wanted her to play the lead in Ossessione, but she was unable to shoot it so he used Clara Calamai instead.)

Joanne Woodward co-stars as a woman of a different ilk.

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Posted by Web Manager on September 20, 2008

Roman Polanski 1966

Roman! The most adoring and provocative admirer of beautiful women. Here we see Françoise Dorléac  (Catherine Deneuve’s little sister, who died tragically the following year in a car accident) with Donald Pleasance all dressed up in makeup . . .  Roman’s a kinky dude into all kind of shit, but one of the things he definitely likes is dress-up. The hero of the film is the ugly American played beautifully by Lionel Stander, who according to the bonus documentary on the DVD called TWO GANGSTERS AND AN ISLAND got so into his role that he was unbearable on the location.

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The Brown Bunny

Posted by Web Manager on September 12, 2008

Vincent Galllo 2003

Yes, you see Vincent Gallo’s penis. in Chloe Sevigny’s mouth. But i don’t think its the most shocking or difficult thing in the film to watch.  If anything, i can say with an almost straight face that the scene is totally germane to the story, to the movie, which is for the most part a very beautiful exploration of manhood. or more specifically maybe, of Vincent Gallo’s manhood. So to speak.  Also Awesome: Cheryl Tiegs in a small but awesome role as a woman Gallo meets at an interstate rest stop.

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Life According to Agfa

Posted by Web Manager on September 9, 2008

Assi Dayan 1992


This is a major movie in the Israeli cinema.  It’s not particularly fun.  It might be more fun than the next one Mr. Dayan made (AN ELECTRIC BLANKET NAMED MOSHE), based on three characters who wander into this film towards the end.  Mr. Dayan incidentally is the son of Moshe Dayan the famous eye-patched Israeli general and sacred cow of modern Israeli history.  I mention this only because his films are so subversively bleak.  This one is about a bar in Tel Aviv and the people who pass through it.  In some ways this sets up a recurring theme of intersecting lives that still runs through the Israeli Cinema as a form of conversation between filmmakers.  I actually liked MOSHE better than AGFA, but I think both are totally worth watching, especially if you’ve seen other Israeli movies and wondered if there were any anti-establishment voices in its cinema.

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Posted by Web Manager on September 6, 2008

Karen Yedaya 2004

Or is a depressing art house film about a teenage girl (named “Or,” the Hebrew word for light) living with her mother, a mentally unstable prostitute, in Tel Aviv.  Light.  As in a lot of depressing little slice of life Israeli art house films, things go from bad to worse.  But at least there is a great shower scene where the young actress (Danna Ivgy, daughter of the great Israeli actor Moshe Ivgy) does some laundry while bathing.  A makeup artist I met when I first moved to Tel Aviv gave me Dana’s email address and I wrote to her about trying to find some set work. Danna wrote back and was super nice.  She’s also a pretty great actress and the only good reason to watch this film.  GO DANNA.

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Posted by Web Manager on September 5, 2008

Harold Ramis 1980

So great.  I watched it because I was with some people who hadn’t seen it before. Sure, I laughed much harder than they did.  But that’s high art for you.  One needs context.  Hang on to everything Chevy Chase’s Ty Webb says — there are jokes wrapped in jokes (“You’re crazy.” “Ah, that’s what they said about Son of Sam.”). Also look for the old bearded guy in the middle of the teenaged caddy’s synchronized swim routine.  And the silly way everyone starts dancing on the golf course when Rodney Dangerfield switches on his golf club bag radio.  And Bill Murray’s five year plan.

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Living in Oblivion

Posted by Web Manager on September 2, 2008

Tom DeCillo 1995

Very fun and smart.  Based on DeCillo’s experiences making (and more accessible than) his first film JOHNNY SUEDE, LIVING IN OBLIVION is an intelligent and hilarious picture of low-budget filmmaking.  Steve Buscemi is perfect as the director, as is the rest of the cast as . . . the cast (and crew).  The dream sequence with a midget is the dream sequence with a midget to end all dream sequences with midgets.

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