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Night on Earth

Posted by Web Manager on August 21, 2008

Jim Jarmusch 1991

This might be my least favorite Jim Jarmusch movie, keeping in mind that I’d rather watch my least favorite Jarmusch movie than my most favorite James Cameron movie.  The film is made up of five featurettes, each based on a taxi ride, in five different cities around the world, in one night.  My favorite ride is the New York one where the driver has no idea how to drive so the passenger just drives himself to Brooklyn.  LA is good just because I think Winona Ryder is so perfect as a tomboy cab driver who has to sit on a phonebook to see over the steering wheel that I’m surprised no one wrote her a whole script based on the character.  Rome is great because of Roberto Benigni.  He talks pretty much the entire time, which works.  Paris was forgettable, but Helsinki was good. Helsinki was the most Jarmuschy of all of them – kind of slow, kind of sad, with a subdued wise kind of humor.  I guess maybe this isn’t my least favorite Jarmusch movie, which means BROKEN FLOWERS is my least favorite Jarmusch movie.  I’m glad we got that settled.


One Response to “Night on Earth”

  1. MC Aaron said

    I agree, Broken Flowers is the worst Jarmusch.

    Best: Dead Man, Down By Law.

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