Fucky Film Review!

True Romance

Posted by Web Manager on August 14, 2008

Tony Scott 1993

Oh man have you really not seen this movie?  How is that possible?  Oh, you saw it once on cable, but just part of it?  OK then maybe you should watch it again.  Because Gary Oldman plays a one eyed pimp who thinks he’s black?  Because Brad Pitt plays the bong ripping roommate?  Or because Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken play one of the best scenes ever written?  Or because it Really Is Romantic?  Or because James Gandalfini and Patricia Arquette fight to the death?  Or because Val Kilmer plays the Elvis that lives in Christian Slater’s head (“I like you Clarence.  Always have.  Always will.”)  I could go on.  I would go on, but its just too easy and I’m getting bored.


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