Fucky Film Review!

3 Women

Posted by Web Manager on August 5, 2008

Robert Altman 1977

this is one is kind of weird, as in when i meet a girl and she says point blank to me: “you’re kind of weird.” so be careful about that. this is Robert Altman at his Robert Altmanist, and it’s pretty fucking awesome, but really, i’m just warning you, any movie in which the camera spends most of its time lingering on Sissy Spacek and Shelly Long is going to be a little batty. were these women ordinary? or maybe that it was just ordinary luck that we saw the story of these three women (the third didn’t feature as much and i’m too lazy to look up her name right now; she represented something, an inverse alternative, but since we didn’t see her much, and we saw so much of the other two, i don’t know —  maybe i missed something. she makes mosaics, the third one, if that helps.) if i’m rambling it’s because of the movie. ok thanks for being with us tonight, that’s all, it’s over.


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