Fucky Film Review!


Posted by Web Manager on July 26, 2008

Warren Beatty 1981

Warren Beatty wrote and directed it. He won an Oscar for directing it, actually, which is kind of strange to think about. But then again the Academy likes actor-directors. And everyone likes Warren Beatty. Most of the film is set in Greenwich Village in the 1910s, which is pretty fun. Everyone’s an artist or an activist, or both. Except for Louise Bryant, played by Diane Keaton. She doesn’t know what she is. And that’s fine with Eugene O’Neill (played by Jack Nicholson, which is probably my favorite thing in the movie) but she’s too in love with John Reed (Beatty) for it to matter. Eventually Reed, the radical journalist around whom the movie (and in its reality, the universe) revolves, moves to Russia to represent the yanks in the Politburo and things get a little silly from there on, except for the love story, which although sappy as hell, works – I think because Diane Keaton is a great cryer.


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