Fucky Film Review!

My Night at Maud’s

Posted by Web Manager on July 20, 2008

Eric Rohmer 1969


The third in a series of six moral tales he made.  I haven’t seen the others yet.  I don’t know what made me pick this one up first.  But it had been on my mind for a while to see his films.  This one bored me completely for the first half hour or so, so much so that I decided to start it over and see if it was really that boring or whether I was just tired.  As it happened, I was tired, but also, it was really boring . . . until it got really awesome.

It’s about a Catholic engineer who moves to a smallish university town, sees the girl he wants to marry (not Maude) and then spends an interesting few nights living and discussing Pascal’s views on christianity and morality.

I also thought it was cool how the protagonist in Maude recalled Harvey Keitel’s character in WHO’S THAT KNOCKING AT MY DOOR, Martin Scorsese’s debut film from 1967, just a couple years before Maude.  The romantic escapades of religious fools.


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