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The Third Man

Posted by Web Manager on July 30, 2008

Carol Reed 1949

THE THIRD MAN is about as rad as anything from 1940s England can be. My friend Tom Lindsay, who edited EAST RIVER , recommended it to me, calling it one of his all time favorites. Its not one of my all time favorites. So if you’re looking to see a guaranteed awesome no matter what kind of movie, I don’t know – see TOP GUN. But if you want to see a very 40’s Graham Greeney (he wrote the script) intrigue set in interwar Vienna (sounds good so far) with an incredible cast including Orson Welles (not bad), and gorgeously shot on location in Vienna (aside from the sewers, because after one day down there, Orson Welles refused to return and insisted they build sets, which they eventually did in England afterwards), well then you’re in for a goddamn treat.


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Posted by Web Manager on July 26, 2008

Warren Beatty 1981

Warren Beatty wrote and directed it. He won an Oscar for directing it, actually, which is kind of strange to think about. But then again the Academy likes actor-directors. And everyone likes Warren Beatty. Most of the film is set in Greenwich Village in the 1910s, which is pretty fun. Everyone’s an artist or an activist, or both. Except for Louise Bryant, played by Diane Keaton. She doesn’t know what she is. And that’s fine with Eugene O’Neill (played by Jack Nicholson, which is probably my favorite thing in the movie) but she’s too in love with John Reed (Beatty) for it to matter. Eventually Reed, the radical journalist around whom the movie (and in its reality, the universe) revolves, moves to Russia to represent the yanks in the Politburo and things get a little silly from there on, except for the love story, which although sappy as hell, works – I think because Diane Keaton is a great cryer.

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My Night at Maud’s

Posted by Web Manager on July 20, 2008

Eric Rohmer 1969


The third in a series of six moral tales he made.  I haven’t seen the others yet.  I don’t know what made me pick this one up first.  But it had been on my mind for a while to see his films.  This one bored me completely for the first half hour or so, so much so that I decided to start it over and see if it was really that boring or whether I was just tired.  As it happened, I was tired, but also, it was really boring . . . until it got really awesome.

It’s about a Catholic engineer who moves to a smallish university town, sees the girl he wants to marry (not Maude) and then spends an interesting few nights living and discussing Pascal’s views on christianity and morality.

I also thought it was cool how the protagonist in Maude recalled Harvey Keitel’s character in WHO’S THAT KNOCKING AT MY DOOR, Martin Scorsese’s debut film from 1967, just a couple years before Maude.  The romantic escapades of religious fools.

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