Fucky Film Review!

Alice’s Restaurant

Posted by Web Manager on June 16, 2008

Arthur Penn 1969
Follows the real Arlo Guthrie through some fictional adventures, mainly in New York and up at Alice’s Restaurant in Massachusetts.  Kind of a period piece, and if you’re at all interested in the period (you probably are), it’s a very good watch.  Also there’s an unexpectedly sexy love scene involving one of those compressed air pumps for cleaning motorcycles.

There’s also a surprisingly hot scene in Penn’s under-appreciated LITTLE BIG MAN, in which the raised-by-indians character played by Dustin Hoffman tries to please his native american wife and her three newly widowed sisters one after the next.  It’s kind of interesting because the sex scenes in his most famous film BONNIE AND CLYDE are intentionally not-sexy. Arthur Penn knows sexy.


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