Fucky Film Review!

Frozen Days

Posted by Web Manager on April 13, 2008

Danny Lerner 2006


It was weird because I watched it like a week after watching Polanski’s THE TENANT, but without knowing that FROZEN DAYS was basically a remake of that film.  So the whole time I was like hey I know what’s going to happen!  Do you want to know what’s going to happen?  Anybody?  Or maybe I watched FROZEN DAYS first.  That would be even weirder.  I can’t remember.  I do remember that FROZEN DAYS did a bang-up job making Tel Aviv look like a big anonymous city where crazy shit can go down.  Even the iconic mall in the heart of town looked unfamiliar and unsettling in the middle of the night when the heroine goes out to meet a security guard she had been chatting with online.  Also great: the va’ad bayit (co-op board) scenes, and when she’s opening his mail in front of him at the hospital, opens the electric bill and says, “ah, Bi-Monthly” (rough translation).  The director is kind of an up and coming filmmaker in Israel, and I’m excited to see his next film, which was shot at Hess Street Number 8, an apartment building right around the corner from mine that keeps getting rented out to film productions.  The upcoming film stars Olga Kurylenka, the newest bond girl.  I saw her on the street once and it was hot.  Also, between productions I went to an avant garde art show in the building.  On the ground floor there was an installation of sunny side up eggs.  It was a little gross because by the time we got there so had a lot of flies.  On the top floor there was this crazy messy room with shards of glass everywhere and in the middle of it a heafty middle aged woman was bending over.  I totally thought she was part of he exhibit until she stood up and walked over to us.  I jumped and screamed like a girl and she made fun of me for it.


2 Responses to “Frozen Days”

  1. absurdo said

    I just saw the new Bond film. Which one was Olga? Have you even seen the new 007?

    • kozakfilms said

      yes i saw the new bond it was pretty bad but i enjoyed it, thanks in large part to my trusty flask and my hot date — my republican ex-girlfriend who broke up with me (for the second time) like five minutes before we left for the movie.

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