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The Cooler

Posted by Web Manager on March 27, 2008

Wayne Kramer 2003

I liked the first forty minutes or so, and then it sort of dragged on a bit, and got too predictable. Maybe that’s part of the charm of a Las Vegas story. William H. Macy plays a “cooler” – a guy with chronic bad luck employed by the manager of the casino (a very good Alec Baldwin) to cool tables when they get too hot. Certain things were overdone: like all the little indications of the cooler’s luck changing (i.e. there’s no cream in the tin for his coffee, there is cream in the tin, there’s not cream in the tin, who cares?). And I’m so sick of this plot line that I’m going to spoil it: she’s a set up, they pay her to be with him, but she Really Does Love him now. Poo.


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Boudu Sauve des Eaux

Posted by Web Manager on March 22, 2008

Jean Renoir 1932

The original DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS.  Educational value only.

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Close To Home

Posted by Web Manager on March 13, 2008

Vardit Bilu and Dalia Hager 2006

I have a soft spot for any film set in Jerusalem in the winter. This one is about two conscripted young women patrolling the streets of Jerusalem during the height of the second Intifada, which mostly consists of stopping every Arab man they come across, checking his papers, and writing his information down on their clipboards. The political questions raised by the film are obvious but still poignant; it’s just that by the time the film came out in 2006 it was a kind of like, well, there aren’t that many Arabs left in Jerusalem to keep track of now that most of them are on the other side of that giant wall.

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All the Real Girls

Posted by Web Manager on March 11, 2008

David Gordon Green 2003

I know a lot of people love this DGG dude so I don’t think anyone’s going to lose any sleep if I tell the truth: I couldn’t get through this movie. After about an hour I just hit the fast forward button. Every time I stopped and tried to watch a scene I couldn’t do it. Rode the FF Freeway all the way to the closing credits where I saw my friend Kim was an associate producer! GO KIM.

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