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Lady Vengeance

Posted by Web Manager on February 26, 2008

Chan-woo Park 2005

THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. By the guy who made OLD BOY. The movie makes such intense use its imagery that it is impossible for me recall what transpired between the opening and closing credits with just one viewing. To be sure, I’ll watch it again. The re-enactment of the murder, and the families politely taking turns extracting gruesome vengeance, come quickly to mind. As does the compelling photography of the Korean city. See this movie even if you don’t think you want to. Just do it anyway is what I’m saying. You’ll thank me, maybe not immediately, but one day.


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The Player

Posted by Web Manager on February 3, 2008

Robert Altman 1992

This is another one of those wonderful films from the 1990s that people sometimes forget about. I hadn’t seen it in at least ten years, but it came up in a conversation and so we just walked straight out and rented it. It’s just as good as I remember it being. But, interestingly, not better.  I kind of hoped it would be better than I remembered it, but it wasn’t. It was pretty much exactly as good as I remembered it.  Which is great. I love the sardonic smart hollywood “happy” ending. Altman makes this shit look so easy that it’s easy to forget it’s hard.

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