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Posted by Web Manager on January 25, 2013

Michael Haneke 2012

amourEveryone is getting behind this film and for good reason. Go out and see it in the theater if you can.


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Un Flic

Posted by Web Manager on January 25, 2013

Jean-Pierre Melville 1972

un flicUN FLIC means “a cop” not “a flick,” though it would make more sense if it were the latter.  We’re supposed to believe that Alain Delon is a police superintendent who with one slap can instill fear in the hearts of hardened criminals.  This in addition to the model helicopter and train shots which even in 1972 I can’t believe Melville got away with.  But don’t get me wrong – the movie has it’s moments – I liked Delon most in his scenes with the cross-dressing informant. And as in LE CERCLE ROUGE, Melville’s better known heist film, the crime scenes are quiet, patient, maddeningly methodical, and super stylish.

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Atlantic City

Posted by Web Manager on January 19, 2013

Louis Malle 1980

atlantic cityBurt Lancaster is pretty great as an aging lackey who likes to pretend he was once a heavy, but I didn’t buy Susan Sarandon’s character (she’s from Saskatchewan, married to a petty thief who ran off with her reflexologist sister, and wants to become a blackjack dealer so she can go to Monte Carlo.  Maybe that’s what you get when a Frenchman tries to make a very American film.

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The Killing

Posted by Web Manager on January 19, 2013

Stanly Kubrick 1956

the-killingGood story about the robbery of a racetrack.  Kubrick was not quite Kubrick yet – this was his first real narrative movie – but it’s very watchable and features a slew of great character actors from the era. My favorite is Timothy Carey.

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The Hunt

Posted by Web Manager on January 10, 2013

Thomas Vinterberg 2012

The-HuntMoving suspenseful and thought provoking film.  A simple story expertly told with fine attention to detail that kept me totally engrossed.  My favorite thing was probably how without being too obvious movie made me feel like I knew the town and its people, which was important because otherwise I might have just been thinking, why doesn’t he just leave?

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Best Films of 2011

Posted by Web Manager on December 30, 2012

Now that 2012 is coming to a close it’s time for Fucky Film Review’s TOP 25 FILMS of 2011 *

1. My favorite movie was A Separation. I was just absorbed in everything that happened in every scene.  Literally on the edge of my seat.

2. The Skin I Live in was probably my second favorite of the year.  I think I already reviewed it.

3. The Kid with a Bike. It’s rare to watch a film that moves without feeling pushed, with characters that are vivid and compelling and real.  I enjoy being manipulated by The Dardenne brothers.

A Separation

Fucky Favorite: A Separation

4. Got to go with Drive next, but I don’t have much to say about it.   It had a special kind of economy that shows itself here and there in other movies, but in Drive it was all the way through.

5. Lincoln Lawyer.  Surprise, right? This movie kind of owns it and I love the Bobby Blue Band Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City opening credits.

6. Donoma. The no-budget movie from France blew my mind. It was long as hell – I am not exaggerating at all, my watch stopped and I really thought I’d been in the theater for three and a half hours (aka hell). Still it was totally worth watching the parts they should have cut to see the rest.

7. Policeman.  Israeli film that probably played to an audience of about 5,000 worldwide.  Reviewed on Fucky.

8. Tree of Life. Thank God for Terrence Malick in 2011, but I groaned when the dinosaurs came out.

9. I would like to have hated Melancholia, just because it was so clear that I was supposed to like it, but I didn’t hate it at all. I liked it, mostly because it’s good, but also because it also had some of that Drive economy, especially in the first half.

Donoma - French Guerrilla Film

Donoma – French guerrilla film

10. Cedar Rapids. Maybe it’s not that good.  I just really liked it and you need a comedy in your top ten.

11. Bombay Beach.  Among the most beautiful documentaries I have ever seen – totally absorbing.

12. I didn’t enjoy Take Shelter very much but I kept thinking about it for days afterwards.

13. Hanna.  There have been a bunch of action movies lately about young girls who kill people.  That should be noted.  This is the one that works the best.

Bombay Beach – Gorgeous documentary

14. Carnage. Four great film actors, directed by one of the world’s greatest living directors, in an adaptation of Yazmina Reza’s play.  I’d rather have seen it as a play in the theater, but given that I didn’t, and that I might not, I’m glad I got to see it like this.

15. Descendants. I really liked the opening voice over. Afterwards it kind of goes downhill but there are little gifts along the way that make it OK.

16. Shame has some problems but I think they are problems that will seem less like problems over time, and over time this will be a great movie, and the mix of overwriting and underwriting and overacting and under-acting will sit better.

17. Living in a Material World.  Three hours of George Harrison – what could be bad?

18. Source Code.  Think I already reviewed it.

19.Contagion. Hyper and taut.

20. Barney’s Version.  A funny warm story about a Jew from Montreal who lived large, loved and lost.  I like that shit.


The Descendants. Clooney is confused.

21. Footnote. Israeli movie about intellectual rigor and father son dynamics. Very clever at times.

22. I like that the Bridesmaids never actually go to vegas. And I love Kristen Wiig.

23. Cave of Forgotten Dreams.  The only justified use of 3-D I’ve ever seen.  Werner Herzog is funny.

24. Le Havre. Kurosmaki’s sentimental tale about old men and immigration.

25. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  Already reviewed it.

Special Mention: Moneyball, Certified Copy, In Time.


I saw Super 8, Hugo, Adjustment Bureau, X-Men First Class, Friends with Benefits, and the Muppets on planes.  I liked them all but I can’t really put them in this list because it’s like the worst possible way to experience a good movie (and the best possible way to experience a bad movie). Also I didn’t finish the Muppets.

There are so many films every year.  Here is a partial list of 2011 movies that I want to see but haven’t gotten around to yet:

Into the Abyss,Bill Cunningham New York, Pina, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Terri, The Future, Higher Ground, Meek’s Cutoff, House of Pleasures, Into the Abyss, The Interrupters, Margaret, Tabloid, The Arbor, Submarine, Win Win, Super, Hall Pass, Your Highness, The Conspirator, Straw Dogs, The Guard, Restless, Killer Elite, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Fincher version), A Dangerous Method, The Devil’s Double, Attack the Block, My Week With Marilyn

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Posted by Web Manager on January 13, 2012

Nadav Lapid 2011

I didn’t see many Israeli movies this year but this was definitely the best I saw.  It was also one of my all-around favorites of the year (list forthcoming).  It’s follows two stories, and part of the fun of the movie is watching them develop and come together, so I won’t say anything about it.  But it captures something very deep and sad at the heart of contemporary life – more true of Israel and Tel Aviv, but probably also true of many other places.

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Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows

Posted by Web Manager on January 1, 2012

Guy Ritchie 2011

Uncle’s observations were more salient than mine: 1. there are indeed many moments in the film when it seems certain the two leads will make out. 2. the smartest joke is Watson as the first person in the history of automobiles to drunkenly exclaim “I’ll drive!”

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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Posted by Web Manager on December 21, 2011

Brad Bird 2011

The film doesn’t make sense (at all) but it’s still pretty fun. If you are considering bringing a flask of bourbon to the theater, I would advise you to do so.  But caveat emptor: I like bourbon.

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Anton Checkhov’s The Duel

Posted by Web Manager on December 18, 2011

Dover Koshashvili 2010

An adaptation of a novella, very much like a novella, it more or less washes over you and then it ends, and then you think about it for a few days hence.

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